Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Amiirahs 1st birthday

So OMG my little princess is going to be one this nye where has that year gone it's mad!! Even tho she took a while to enter the world (waters broke on 30/12/13 and Emergancy c-section 31/12/13 because she was not engaging and was born at 11:18pm the last baby to be born via section in out hospital of 2013!!!) she is jus perfect and made our life just amazing! I am one lucky mummy to have my prince and princess💕there will b a video up on my YouTube channel of one year of Amiirahs life in pictures(made me cry a lot!!)
 This year to celebrate her birthday and the fact it's in NYE and were in our beautiful new home were having a big party with a Disney themed fancy dress! 
Cannot believe my little princess is one, she's has now completed our family!
I hope you have enjoyed watched our family grow I know I havnt been blogging/vlogging long but I hope in 2015 I can and u can truly see what an amazing family I have and I would love to share it with you all! 
I will b trying to blog/vlog a lot more of everything from now on! Please follow me on my blog, YouTube and Instagram for regular videos and updates! 
I hope you all have an amazing New Year's Eve and will see you all for another amazing fun and love filled 2015 
Love you 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Romans Homemade Christmas presents

So like most mummy's and daddy's we really wanted to spoil the kiddies at Christmas, but with Romans being at that funny age(2 yrs) he's not really into anything of such and can't really tell us what he wants. Roman is completly obsessed with pirates at the moment, and went throught a fase of making tents so I decided to get him one.
I really love the tepees I see all over Instagram and Facebook, so I had a look into getting him one 😳OMG the price of them company's were looking between £150-£200 for one with out any cushions  lightes etc. 
I'm always looking at ways to cut costs and I'm a dap hand on a sweing machine so I dug it out, dusted it off and made myself a patten,After searching Pinterest and Google for patterns I found one but adapted it for what I wanted to do.
 Even the the fabric was going to cost a little bit of money,but we had a sofa bed/futon we wanted to get rid of so I decided I was going to recycle it, we used the fabric from the cushion for the sides of the tent,I ordered fabric for the polls to sit in and for the cushion inside the tent. Luckily for my my dad is a carpenter so he always has wood lying around that he dosnt need so he gave us that. 
The wood from the futon has made Amiirahs Princesses tent (will write a blogpost on that once finished!!!) 
I'm so pleased and happy with how it turned out, I can't wait to see Romans face Christmas Day he's going to love it! 
It's not always about buying loads of presents for your kids as long as the thought is there it dosnt have to cost the world!!

Friday, 21 November 2014

lush lush lush

So this was my first time in a LUSH store and omg it was amazing.
Ive had a look online a few times but I like to touch feel and smell make up,beauty stuff, bubble bath etc etc I may be strange but that's what I like to do (let me know if your the same!)
 I have watched so many videos on LUSH products and thought id treat myself and with the Christmas products they bring out,and how much everyone raves about them I thought id give some a try, was completely overwhelmed and really didn't know what to chose so I just picked up a few little bits for myself and some for the kiddies.
 I visited the store in Drake Circus Plymouth, the sales assistant was lovely (sorry forgot her name!!)but she was lovely.

I could of spent a small fortune and brought the whole shop but I restrained myself and just got a few little bits, but I'm definitely going to go back very soon and buy myself and the kiddies some more.
first thing is Snow Fairy shower gel, I've herd amazing things everywhere about this product at Christmas so I just had to get it really to see what all the hype was about. This is a limited addition product that is only around at Christmas!
OMG this smells AMAZING, its a lovely sweet bubble gum smelling product that has a lovely shimmer to it.
I got the 100g bottle that is £3.75, i am yet to try this product but i now i'm going to love it!!!

Next is Candy Mountain bubble bar £2.75 again this is a lovely smelling product very sweet a perfect match for snow fairy, Its beautiful looking and would look beautiful in your bath bomb collection. completely caught my eye with its glittery girly and pink colors and its beautifully sweet smell. You can get about 5 baths out of this one bubble bar (that's what the sales lady said to me) cant wait to use this and have a lovely bath.

obviously just had to buy this father Christmas bath bomb £3.50 because its Christmas soon and just smells so Christmassy and just a beautiful smelling bomb, will defo be getting another one as soon as i've used this. 
There was so many Christmas bombs/melts etc i wanted to get but these are the ones i chose this time.

last but not least i got two cute little bombs for my kiddies,

 Butter Bear £1.95 and ICKLE Robot bath bomb £1.95
Butter bear is just so cute and smells so nice its a vanilla scented bomb with cocoa butter to soften the sink, defiantly a good one for Roman an Amiirah and with all LUSH products being all natural they are good to use with the kids.
Ickle robot smells really minty and eucalyptusy, The bath bomb is supposed to help with sleep, which if defiantly needed at the moment in this house with both kiddies having colds and Amiirah teething.
cannot wait to use these products and see how amazing they are, if they are as good as they look and smell I will be happy. I will definitely be going back to lush very very soon to purchase alot more amazing products.
A lush haul will be up on my Msleesha1 YouTube channel very soon.

love from 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Bonfire night 2014

This was the first year we had gone to fireworks with the kiddies and they both loved it, Roman did complain that it was a little lout but he kept saying how beautiful they all looked.

I thought Amiirah would of freaked out but she to loved it.
Our local fireworks display in the next village to us always have an amazing display, which is run by the local rugby club and the local firebragade, so we like going to that to support local people and causes because that's what keeps them going. This year was amazing I haven't seen a display like that down there for a long time,it was really good and they had a really big turn out!
We also have a fireworks night at our friends farm in a few weeks but wanted to get this blog up before we go to that. 

Bonfire night also has another big meaning in our household, it's my dad's birthday. So every year we try and go and see fireworks together as a family to celebrate dad's birthday.
My dad and roman playing! 

We will have a vlog up on our vlogging channel soon of our night at the fireworks (MsLeeshas life)  

Hope you enjoyed reading,Still new to the whole blogging thing and will have a lot more coming 

Lots of love

Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween/autumn treats

HALLOWEEN\ Fall Treats 

I decided to do autumn/fall halloweenish treats, something a little different to give to trick or theaters and was fun to do with roman, well i was so wrong it was a major disaster nothing was going right, the caramel was just sliding off the apples and so did the chocolate! just goes to show im just human and a mummy! it was a lot of fun to do with roman and the tasted lush!
 Because it was such and epic fail i had loads of left over caramel and chocolate so i made slabs of caramel and chocolate with different topping which can easily  be broken up and shared out. Roman loved doing that and decorating the chocolate>

so this is how i made these yummy treats:
what you will need 
Chocolate Apples
  • 10 apples (5 caramel, 5 chocolate) washed ,dried and cold!!!! 
  • lollipop sticks 
  • chocolate (white and milk but use whatever you prefer)
  • topping of your choice (i used marshmallows, oreos and gold balls) 
Caramel sauce 
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 2 cups brown sugar 
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup
  • 1/2tsp salt (add more if you want to make salted caramel)  
  • 1 can condensed milk
  • chocolate peanuts 
To make the caramel sauce
  • In a heavy saucepan melt the butter 
  • then add the sugar syurp and salt
  • cook over a medium heat for 10-12 mins 
  • stir in the condensed milk and cook until your candy thermometer reaches 248 degrees(firm-ball stage)
  • remove from the heat 
  • line a baking tray with grease proof paper
  • start to coat your apples   
  •  if able to coat in crushed peanuts!!
  • leave cool for 30mins -1hr( or place in the fridge)
  • Enjoy

to make the chocolate apples

  • place chocolate in a microwaveable bowl
  • heat for 30 secs at a time (took me 1min 30 secs)
  • line a baking tray with grease proof paper 
  • coat each apple with a generous amount of chocolate and use whatever topping you would like and place on the tray! 
  • leave cool for 30min-1hr (if you can leave them that long!!!)
  • Enjoy

with the left over  caramel and chocolate:
  • line a baking tray or a flat surface (for he chocolate not the caramel)with grease proof paper 
  •  pour the caramel in tray and add toppings( I used chocolate covered peanuts)  
  • Spread the chocolate on a flat surface 
  • Add topping 
  • And drizzle over chocolate (I did a milk base with white chocolate drizzle and vice versa)

  So the whole experience of making these was not amazing but for my 1st mummy and kiddie vid I wasn't expecting anything amazing!!! But the finished result did look ok but tasted amazing! And came up with some pretty cool extra pieces that I didn't think I was going to! 
Defo a good autumn/fall treat and a good alternative to give out to any little trick or treaters that come knocking at ur door! 

Happy Halloween everyone 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Annabelle/ Halloween 2014

So with Halloween just a few days away i thought id write about my Annabelle video on youtube(Msleesha1) I absolutely loved making this video, it was my first Halloween video and i am super proud of it. took me a wile to film and edit but i love it. Had help from ross with filming and taking the amazing pictures we did. I scared myself so much filming and editing this video it is really scary!!! I am not a professional MUA i just have a massive passion for it but would one day love to have it as a job, it is something i enjoy doing and am very passionate about!

I had so much planed to do and film for this Halloween but time has just got away from me, but in the next year hopefully my blog and youtube channel will of kicked off and will be in bit more of a routine for making and uploading videos! but from now till next year i will be practicing to bring you some amazing Halloween videos
go check out the video link below


Saturday, 27 September 2014

So where have i been :(

Sorry i have been MIA again on my blog alot has happened, Ross has got a new job and the past month has been so hard for me/us. But i've had unbelievable support Instagram and youtube and id just like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
I m feeling 100% better and back in a good space, I found it hard not having much money because we've one from being payed weekly to being payed monthly, so doing slimming world has been so hard, it is an expensive way of life if you want to do it to its full potential and have good losses all the time(which at the beginning i did) but i have started to just try my hardest to do it with the little finances we have. I went back to weigh in after 3 weeks and had a loss which in the circumstance we were in i was so surprised and over the moon. It was just what i needed to get back into the slimming world way of life.
 Ross is enjoying his new job. This has defo been his calling and everyone is saying that to him and that he was made for this job and can take it so far and i really think this is what hes going to do, take this as far as he can. He is in such a happy place at the moment and im so happy for him. We have gone through alot as a couple and well all i can do is see this taking us to a good place.
  We have decided as a family that we are going to do a lot more vlogging so we have set up our own vlog channel on youtube, both Ross and I have a really good feeling about our youtube path as well.I have my channel :MsLeesha1 our family channel :Msleeshas life and ross's channel :ross davis (go check them out!!mwah)
 This blog will be for my life my weight loss and my make up,fashion and hair!!
I will now try and i mean try to blog all videos i put up (hair makeup fashion and family related tags/hauls)
 I know not many people read my blog but i really want to get better at this so that my youtube and this blog are linked
 thank for reading and stay peeled for my next blog video
x MsLeesha1 x

Friday, 5 September 2014

Weigh in Wednesday: week 22

This week has been a bad week for me! It's been start of star week so my emotions were all over the place, so feeling super sad and super stressed. Slimming world really is the last thing I really need to be worrying about at the moment but it is!
Husband(ross) had just started his new job and it's so good and I'm so happy for him we are so looking forward to what is to come! He has set his sights really high and he's going to do it and I'm super proud of him! But we had to go from being payed weekly to monthly which is a massive change for us, but in a month or to will be sorted, but I really can't justify spending so much money on sw friendly food when there is other stuff needing paying for 😞 we've just hit a bump in the road, but I'm sure it'll all level lout soon! 
 As for that and not being on plan 100% because well yeah I've been comfort eating!!! I lost 1 1/2lbs this week so happy with that. 
 One of the main reasons I think I've been getting so stress is I don't want to give up on slimming world I have come so far and can finally see a light this time after doing it sooo many times before,things like this happend before and that's why I have up but this time I'm not going to I'm sure in a month or to out situation will be sorted and I'll be back to normal. It's just something that happens in life and just have to deal with it when it happens and not let it get to you and not to beat yourself up too much! I think I'm being too hard on myself! It's a long journey and it's gonna have ups and downs but I just have to ride it out! 
           X MsLeesha1 X

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Weigh in Wednesday: week 21

Came back from our lovely weekend away and just could not get back into the swing of slimming world! i have not uploaded any slimming world videos on my YouTube channel because i have not had the time to film and as you ma notice my weigh in Wednesdays r going up when ever i can do them! life is just a little hectic at the mo, with coming back from holiday and Ross starting a new job it just mad! 
But i found the time to go to weigh in and just get weighted!!! i put on 2lbs but im fine completely happy with that. I knew I would put on a bit of weight with the indulgent weekend we had but was so worth it.
 Just a short blog this week will be back on it soon and wit lots more interesting stuff as well as my slimming world journey 
X MsLeesha1 X   

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Weigh in Wednesday: week 20

So didnt go and get weighed this week as was sooooo busy getting ready for our 1st family holiday as the 4 of us! But i had been really good the week before and to my scales had lost a good couple of pounds and got my unofficial 2stone so i was happy to be going away and not worry about what i ate and drank i just wanted to have a good holiday.
Well i new i was gonna be bad and started as i meant to go on, Ross's family were staying at ours to look after the house while we where away, so when Ross went and got them they picked up KFC!!! 
OMG have not had any fast food since starting slimming world and i have not missed it, the grease i could feel in my mouth and it just made me feel ill all night! but i knew i had to eat something and there was nothing else in the house!!
But do u know what? I still have to live my life and do normal things like this even if i am on a slimming world journey, i know Im not going to get skinny over night and no longer do i want to be skinny i just want a smaller heather figure, since losing the weight i have i already feel 100% more confident and just know its going to get better the more weight i lose.
 i have a family and still have to enjoy my life with them. 

X Msleesha1 X

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Weigh in Wednesday:week 19

Week 19 was a good week, ate good all week apart from a family party on the Saturday where I had a few glasses of wine, too much Brie and cakes but enjoyed it, then when we came home me and hubby couldn't be bothered to cook so another 2bottles of wine and a Chinese later!!! But do u know what I enjoyed it. This is a life style change but these things are gonna happen I still have to enjoy myself and times with my family and not beet myself up if I have a bad day, as long as I enjoyed it that's the mane thing! Just get up the next day with a positive outlook dust yourself off and start a fresh day!!! 
So because of that I lost 1/2 lb but that's fine, I also did a transformation picture as so far in my journey I'll add it in at the end but omg I can so se a massive diffarance just after 19 weeks god knows what I will look like after another 19 weeks.
This give me the MASSIVE kick up the bum I needed. I can finally see I'm getting somewhere, and I'm so happy about it and can finally see a light,it not all about a number on a scales but how you feel and I've new realised I can do this and I will do this!!! 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday: week 18

Weigh in tonight was not what i was hoping for, i had had a good week up until the weekend and by that point had only had 40 syns so i had a good 60 syns left for the rest of the week, so i had a day at mums with a nice roast sw friendly few syns for gravy, 2 g&ts 2 glasses of wine a small bit of cake an some Bombay mix and Japanese rice crackers. id used up my 60 syns with all of that i thought so didnt have any syns appart from a little peanut butter with apples yesterday because ive been feeling so down and upset at the mo! 
 so with that in mind i only lost 1/2 lb this week which im a little annoyed with but nothing i cant recover, im just a little annoyed at my slimming world consultant she seemed to pick on me tonight because id only lost that but other weeks normaly a loss is a loss,She then asked if i wanted to try another plan and to talk to her after class, went for a chat and she just didnt seem to want to have a chat or have any time for me really. Im a little bit upset and disheartened but im also having a bad week, really want to get back on plan and losing good amounts of weight. Am going to try success express but am finding it way to expensive at the moment.
 Its so hard with a small family and a low income to stick to plan the way i would like to and its getting me so upset and down, I want to do this so bad and do not want to go back to where i started! Ive only just started to feel good about myself and the way im  looking and don't want to go back to feeling the way i did 18 odd weeks ago!!
 I have a young family i want to get fit and healthy for.
Tonight after group i had a melt down at home and did cry, i think everyone needs it every now and again, were only human and these things are hard.
 This is a change of life, a new life style but it is hard! Im on a hard and long journey but im doing it to become a better healthier happier mummy and wife for my family, my world !    

XX Msleesha1 XX

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Week 17 weight-in '

So last night was weight in, weight in for me is every Wednesday evenings. And after the few weeks i've had with having my birthday and going out a few weekends that was so needed as haven't been out sine i had my daughter NYE,  Was not expecting alot had completely fell off the wagon. i was so good last week with food but think i may have drank my body weigh in g&ts ha-ha. last weeks weight in i had put on 2 1/2 lbs so for 2 weeks being off plan i though that was good but i managed to rain it back in this week ad lost 2 lbs, so have lost well nearly all i put back on, but i'm now back on it. I'm determined now to get back on it full force, i have a wedding im going to August bank-holiday and have the dress that i brought a few weeks ago and was soooo happy with it because it was 2-3 sizes smaller then i would of got last year and i feel really nice wearing it. video will be up soon for my week 17.
 Thank you for keeping me going and having faith in me with out everyone's support i may of kicked it in but now but love all my IG followers and YouTube subscribers i really love making all the videos so stay tuned for much more.

                                                         xxxxx Msleesha1xxxxx

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Hello everyone

Hiya everyone, so as you may already know I am on a weight loss journey on Slimming world and i'm making videos on YouTube as well as on my Instagram (Msleesha1) so i thought id do a blog as well to keep on track!
anyone who already follows me will know I also have a massive passion for Make-up,Hair,Fashion and making daily vlogs of my family life.
On my Instagram I also document EVERYTHING so please go and follow me on everything :) 
and let me know anything you'd like to see.
We have now got a new laptop so will have plenty of videos up soon as well as trying to blog as much as i can.
Thank you sooooo much everyone for your continuous support, I love you all so much and to anyone else who is on their slimming word journey we can all do it we are in it together!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

just a little introduction

Hi everyone so Im Alyshea, Im 25years old and i live in beautiful Cornwall.
 I am married to the love of my life, we have been together 9 years married for just over one!
 We have 2 beautiful children, Roman 2 and Amiirah 7month.
I am currently on a journey, yes a weight loss one to become a healthier smaller yummy mummy!
I have been vlogging my journey so far on YouTube doing weekly updates, as well as updating everyone on my day to day life/food on Instagram. The help and support is incredible.
But i am also vlogging my life so there are a few( and will be a lot more!) daily vlogs of me and my family.
I also have a MASSIVE passion for anything hair, make up, fashion. Before having children i was a full time hairdresser and loved it. i just loved getting glammed up every single day, still now any excuse to do my hair and make up i jump at the chance. So i thought i would start a  blog on my interests as well as my weight loss journey. I will be doing a lot more videos on the things i love to do.
 I hope you enjoyed a quick intro into me and my life and what is going on.Please stayed tuned for everything and anything and please don't hesitate to ever get in contact with me about anything!  
   love you all