Friday, 21 November 2014

lush lush lush

So this was my first time in a LUSH store and omg it was amazing.
Ive had a look online a few times but I like to touch feel and smell make up,beauty stuff, bubble bath etc etc I may be strange but that's what I like to do (let me know if your the same!)
 I have watched so many videos on LUSH products and thought id treat myself and with the Christmas products they bring out,and how much everyone raves about them I thought id give some a try, was completely overwhelmed and really didn't know what to chose so I just picked up a few little bits for myself and some for the kiddies.
 I visited the store in Drake Circus Plymouth, the sales assistant was lovely (sorry forgot her name!!)but she was lovely.

I could of spent a small fortune and brought the whole shop but I restrained myself and just got a few little bits, but I'm definitely going to go back very soon and buy myself and the kiddies some more.
first thing is Snow Fairy shower gel, I've herd amazing things everywhere about this product at Christmas so I just had to get it really to see what all the hype was about. This is a limited addition product that is only around at Christmas!
OMG this smells AMAZING, its a lovely sweet bubble gum smelling product that has a lovely shimmer to it.
I got the 100g bottle that is £3.75, i am yet to try this product but i now i'm going to love it!!!

Next is Candy Mountain bubble bar £2.75 again this is a lovely smelling product very sweet a perfect match for snow fairy, Its beautiful looking and would look beautiful in your bath bomb collection. completely caught my eye with its glittery girly and pink colors and its beautifully sweet smell. You can get about 5 baths out of this one bubble bar (that's what the sales lady said to me) cant wait to use this and have a lovely bath.

obviously just had to buy this father Christmas bath bomb £3.50 because its Christmas soon and just smells so Christmassy and just a beautiful smelling bomb, will defo be getting another one as soon as i've used this. 
There was so many Christmas bombs/melts etc i wanted to get but these are the ones i chose this time.

last but not least i got two cute little bombs for my kiddies,

 Butter Bear £1.95 and ICKLE Robot bath bomb £1.95
Butter bear is just so cute and smells so nice its a vanilla scented bomb with cocoa butter to soften the sink, defiantly a good one for Roman an Amiirah and with all LUSH products being all natural they are good to use with the kids.
Ickle robot smells really minty and eucalyptusy, The bath bomb is supposed to help with sleep, which if defiantly needed at the moment in this house with both kiddies having colds and Amiirah teething.
cannot wait to use these products and see how amazing they are, if they are as good as they look and smell I will be happy. I will definitely be going back to lush very very soon to purchase alot more amazing products.
A lush haul will be up on my Msleesha1 YouTube channel very soon.

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