Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Weigh in Wednesday: week 20

So didnt go and get weighed this week as was sooooo busy getting ready for our 1st family holiday as the 4 of us! But i had been really good the week before and to my scales had lost a good couple of pounds and got my unofficial 2stone so i was happy to be going away and not worry about what i ate and drank i just wanted to have a good holiday.
Well i new i was gonna be bad and started as i meant to go on, Ross's family were staying at ours to look after the house while we where away, so when Ross went and got them they picked up KFC!!! 
OMG have not had any fast food since starting slimming world and i have not missed it, the grease i could feel in my mouth and it just made me feel ill all night! but i knew i had to eat something and there was nothing else in the house!!
But do u know what? I still have to live my life and do normal things like this even if i am on a slimming world journey, i know Im not going to get skinny over night and no longer do i want to be skinny i just want a smaller heather figure, since losing the weight i have i already feel 100% more confident and just know its going to get better the more weight i lose.
 i have a family and still have to enjoy my life with them. 

X Msleesha1 X

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