Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Hello everyone

Hiya everyone, so as you may already know I am on a weight loss journey on Slimming world and i'm making videos on YouTube as well as on my Instagram (Msleesha1) so i thought id do a blog as well to keep on track!
anyone who already follows me will know I also have a massive passion for Make-up,Hair,Fashion and making daily vlogs of my family life.
On my Instagram I also document EVERYTHING so please go and follow me on everything :) 
and let me know anything you'd like to see.
We have now got a new laptop so will have plenty of videos up soon as well as trying to blog as much as i can.
Thank you sooooo much everyone for your continuous support, I love you all so much and to anyone else who is on their slimming word journey we can all do it we are in it together!

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