Monday, 10 November 2014

Bonfire night 2014

This was the first year we had gone to fireworks with the kiddies and they both loved it, Roman did complain that it was a little lout but he kept saying how beautiful they all looked.

I thought Amiirah would of freaked out but she to loved it.
Our local fireworks display in the next village to us always have an amazing display, which is run by the local rugby club and the local firebragade, so we like going to that to support local people and causes because that's what keeps them going. This year was amazing I haven't seen a display like that down there for a long time,it was really good and they had a really big turn out!
We also have a fireworks night at our friends farm in a few weeks but wanted to get this blog up before we go to that. 

Bonfire night also has another big meaning in our household, it's my dad's birthday. So every year we try and go and see fireworks together as a family to celebrate dad's birthday.
My dad and roman playing! 

We will have a vlog up on our vlogging channel soon of our night at the fireworks (MsLeeshas life)  

Hope you enjoyed reading,Still new to the whole blogging thing and will have a lot more coming 

Lots of love

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