Sunday, 31 August 2014

Weigh in Wednesday: week 21

Came back from our lovely weekend away and just could not get back into the swing of slimming world! i have not uploaded any slimming world videos on my YouTube channel because i have not had the time to film and as you ma notice my weigh in Wednesdays r going up when ever i can do them! life is just a little hectic at the mo, with coming back from holiday and Ross starting a new job it just mad! 
But i found the time to go to weigh in and just get weighted!!! i put on 2lbs but im fine completely happy with that. I knew I would put on a bit of weight with the indulgent weekend we had but was so worth it.
 Just a short blog this week will be back on it soon and wit lots more interesting stuff as well as my slimming world journey 
X MsLeesha1 X   

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Weigh in Wednesday: week 20

So didnt go and get weighed this week as was sooooo busy getting ready for our 1st family holiday as the 4 of us! But i had been really good the week before and to my scales had lost a good couple of pounds and got my unofficial 2stone so i was happy to be going away and not worry about what i ate and drank i just wanted to have a good holiday.
Well i new i was gonna be bad and started as i meant to go on, Ross's family were staying at ours to look after the house while we where away, so when Ross went and got them they picked up KFC!!! 
OMG have not had any fast food since starting slimming world and i have not missed it, the grease i could feel in my mouth and it just made me feel ill all night! but i knew i had to eat something and there was nothing else in the house!!
But do u know what? I still have to live my life and do normal things like this even if i am on a slimming world journey, i know Im not going to get skinny over night and no longer do i want to be skinny i just want a smaller heather figure, since losing the weight i have i already feel 100% more confident and just know its going to get better the more weight i lose.
 i have a family and still have to enjoy my life with them. 

X Msleesha1 X

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Weigh in Wednesday:week 19

Week 19 was a good week, ate good all week apart from a family party on the Saturday where I had a few glasses of wine, too much Brie and cakes but enjoyed it, then when we came home me and hubby couldn't be bothered to cook so another 2bottles of wine and a Chinese later!!! But do u know what I enjoyed it. This is a life style change but these things are gonna happen I still have to enjoy myself and times with my family and not beet myself up if I have a bad day, as long as I enjoyed it that's the mane thing! Just get up the next day with a positive outlook dust yourself off and start a fresh day!!! 
So because of that I lost 1/2 lb but that's fine, I also did a transformation picture as so far in my journey I'll add it in at the end but omg I can so se a massive diffarance just after 19 weeks god knows what I will look like after another 19 weeks.
This give me the MASSIVE kick up the bum I needed. I can finally see I'm getting somewhere, and I'm so happy about it and can finally see a light,it not all about a number on a scales but how you feel and I've new realised I can do this and I will do this!!! 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday: week 18

Weigh in tonight was not what i was hoping for, i had had a good week up until the weekend and by that point had only had 40 syns so i had a good 60 syns left for the rest of the week, so i had a day at mums with a nice roast sw friendly few syns for gravy, 2 g&ts 2 glasses of wine a small bit of cake an some Bombay mix and Japanese rice crackers. id used up my 60 syns with all of that i thought so didnt have any syns appart from a little peanut butter with apples yesterday because ive been feeling so down and upset at the mo! 
 so with that in mind i only lost 1/2 lb this week which im a little annoyed with but nothing i cant recover, im just a little annoyed at my slimming world consultant she seemed to pick on me tonight because id only lost that but other weeks normaly a loss is a loss,She then asked if i wanted to try another plan and to talk to her after class, went for a chat and she just didnt seem to want to have a chat or have any time for me really. Im a little bit upset and disheartened but im also having a bad week, really want to get back on plan and losing good amounts of weight. Am going to try success express but am finding it way to expensive at the moment.
 Its so hard with a small family and a low income to stick to plan the way i would like to and its getting me so upset and down, I want to do this so bad and do not want to go back to where i started! Ive only just started to feel good about myself and the way im  looking and don't want to go back to feeling the way i did 18 odd weeks ago!!
 I have a young family i want to get fit and healthy for.
Tonight after group i had a melt down at home and did cry, i think everyone needs it every now and again, were only human and these things are hard.
 This is a change of life, a new life style but it is hard! Im on a hard and long journey but im doing it to become a better healthier happier mummy and wife for my family, my world !    

XX Msleesha1 XX