Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Losing weight and being on the pill!

So for the past few months (probably 6 months) my weight loss has stopped or really really slowed down. I can't seem to shift more the a few lbs then put it all back on again and well for the past week or so I've been feeling really down about it! Before that 6 months I found it so easy and lost a good 2stone and have stuck to that weight( im happy with that I could of put it all on again by now!) 
I have been sticking to slimming world pretty well and nothing seems to be happening, so I've been racking my brain see what I've changed and why my weight hasn't gone down.
6months ago I started a new contraceptive pill,Rigvidon (have been on nothing since having amiirah!) because me a ross do not want to have any more children yet.........😏
This week I went to the doctors for a check up and mentioned it and she said "yes this could be the case" and this is why I'm not losing weight!
I'm am now thinking of changing my pill or trying a different form of contraception, because it's also got me more down that the fact I'd never gone on the pill I would be another 2stone lighter if not more! And I don't want another 6month trying to lose weight and nothing happening! When I had lost that 2stone I had become a happy and confident and was turning into the woman I wanted to, and now I have just gone back to feeing down, Selfcontious, and jus not as happy with myself, and I do not want to go back to being down all the time again!
Hormones and being a woman and a woman who wants to lose weight and become a healthier happy mummy for my children and husband is hard and it really does got you down! 
If anyone has any Suggestions  please comment or email me 

Thanks you 
Lots of love 
Leesha xxx