Friday, 5 September 2014

Weigh in Wednesday: week 22

This week has been a bad week for me! It's been start of star week so my emotions were all over the place, so feeling super sad and super stressed. Slimming world really is the last thing I really need to be worrying about at the moment but it is!
Husband(ross) had just started his new job and it's so good and I'm so happy for him we are so looking forward to what is to come! He has set his sights really high and he's going to do it and I'm super proud of him! But we had to go from being payed weekly to monthly which is a massive change for us, but in a month or to will be sorted, but I really can't justify spending so much money on sw friendly food when there is other stuff needing paying for 😞 we've just hit a bump in the road, but I'm sure it'll all level lout soon! 
 As for that and not being on plan 100% because well yeah I've been comfort eating!!! I lost 1 1/2lbs this week so happy with that. 
 One of the main reasons I think I've been getting so stress is I don't want to give up on slimming world I have come so far and can finally see a light this time after doing it sooo many times before,things like this happend before and that's why I have up but this time I'm not going to I'm sure in a month or to out situation will be sorted and I'll be back to normal. It's just something that happens in life and just have to deal with it when it happens and not let it get to you and not to beat yourself up too much! I think I'm being too hard on myself! It's a long journey and it's gonna have ups and downs but I just have to ride it out! 
           X MsLeesha1 X

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