Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday: week 18

Weigh in tonight was not what i was hoping for, i had had a good week up until the weekend and by that point had only had 40 syns so i had a good 60 syns left for the rest of the week, so i had a day at mums with a nice roast sw friendly few syns for gravy, 2 g&ts 2 glasses of wine a small bit of cake an some Bombay mix and Japanese rice crackers. id used up my 60 syns with all of that i thought so didnt have any syns appart from a little peanut butter with apples yesterday because ive been feeling so down and upset at the mo! 
 so with that in mind i only lost 1/2 lb this week which im a little annoyed with but nothing i cant recover, im just a little annoyed at my slimming world consultant she seemed to pick on me tonight because id only lost that but other weeks normaly a loss is a loss,She then asked if i wanted to try another plan and to talk to her after class, went for a chat and she just didnt seem to want to have a chat or have any time for me really. Im a little bit upset and disheartened but im also having a bad week, really want to get back on plan and losing good amounts of weight. Am going to try success express but am finding it way to expensive at the moment.
 Its so hard with a small family and a low income to stick to plan the way i would like to and its getting me so upset and down, I want to do this so bad and do not want to go back to where i started! Ive only just started to feel good about myself and the way im  looking and don't want to go back to feeling the way i did 18 odd weeks ago!!
 I have a young family i want to get fit and healthy for.
Tonight after group i had a melt down at home and did cry, i think everyone needs it every now and again, were only human and these things are hard.
 This is a change of life, a new life style but it is hard! Im on a hard and long journey but im doing it to become a better healthier happier mummy and wife for my family, my world !    

XX Msleesha1 XX


  1. Just you go to slimming world for the support? I'm asking as I to went there and weight wAtchers on and off for years but not really achieving the weight loss I wanted...up and down all the time and to be honest I got totally fed up with them making me feel like I had to buy their cook books, snack bars etc etc, it ended up feeling to me that it was just a money earning racket for them. I did some research myself online and decided I wasn't going to waste my money going there each week and buying their stuff sooo I totally changed the way I ate and shipped..I cut out totally all processed foods and cooked meals for my family and I from scratch, only using fresh foods...nothing processed at all. I was so heavy I couldn't even play with the babies without getting out of breath. I stopped eating snack foods too...even the diet ones, they are sooo full of salt and preservatives and are not good. I started walking everyday...even just 15 minutes was all I could manage at the start but I stuck with the lifestyle changes, I didn't feel I was depriving myself either, I'd have a treat once a week and within 18 months I'd lost 3 stone. That's been over 2 years now since I lost the weight and it has stayed off because I changed what we ate and how. I also introduced having a smoothie in the mornings and bought a cheap juicer and had fruit and green juice every afternoon when I started to feel peckish....the juices and smoothies were such a boost to how good I.started to feel. Anyways sorry for the long comment, I just wanted to let you know you will get there, yes its hard at the start but it soon becomes a way of life!.Good luck and stay strong!

    1. hiya hun thanks for your kind word and finding my blog, your my 1st comment s thank you so much.
      I go to group to keep control, i have done slimming world before but like what has just happened(money etc ) id quit and try do it at home but caved and cannot do it on my own! once i know im close to target i may stop but at the moment its whats keeping me on track. i still have a long way to go but this time i defo feel its my time thank you lovely and keep out for more updates etc xxxx