Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Annabelle/ Halloween 2014

So with Halloween just a few days away i thought id write about my Annabelle video on youtube(Msleesha1) I absolutely loved making this video, it was my first Halloween video and i am super proud of it. took me a wile to film and edit but i love it. Had help from ross with filming and taking the amazing pictures we did. I scared myself so much filming and editing this video it is really scary!!! I am not a professional MUA i just have a massive passion for it but would one day love to have it as a job, it is something i enjoy doing and am very passionate about!

I had so much planed to do and film for this Halloween but time has just got away from me, but in the next year hopefully my blog and youtube channel will of kicked off and will be in bit more of a routine for making and uploading videos! but from now till next year i will be practicing to bring you some amazing Halloween videos
go check out the video link below


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