Tuesday, 29 July 2014

just a little introduction

Hi everyone so Im Alyshea, Im 25years old and i live in beautiful Cornwall.
 I am married to the love of my life, we have been together 9 years married for just over one!
 We have 2 beautiful children, Roman 2 and Amiirah 7month.
I am currently on a journey, yes a weight loss one to become a healthier smaller yummy mummy!
I have been vlogging my journey so far on YouTube doing weekly updates, as well as updating everyone on my day to day life/food on Instagram. The help and support is incredible.
But i am also vlogging my life so there are a few( and will be a lot more!) daily vlogs of me and my family.
I also have a MASSIVE passion for anything hair, make up, fashion. Before having children i was a full time hairdresser and loved it. i just loved getting glammed up every single day, still now any excuse to do my hair and make up i jump at the chance. So i thought i would start a  blog on my interests as well as my weight loss journey. I will be doing a lot more videos on the things i love to do.
 I hope you enjoyed a quick intro into me and my life and what is going on.Please stayed tuned for everything and anything and please don't hesitate to ever get in contact with me about anything!  
   love you all

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