Thursday, 31 July 2014

Week 17 weight-in '

So last night was weight in, weight in for me is every Wednesday evenings. And after the few weeks i've had with having my birthday and going out a few weekends that was so needed as haven't been out sine i had my daughter NYE,  Was not expecting alot had completely fell off the wagon. i was so good last week with food but think i may have drank my body weigh in g&ts ha-ha. last weeks weight in i had put on 2 1/2 lbs so for 2 weeks being off plan i though that was good but i managed to rain it back in this week ad lost 2 lbs, so have lost well nearly all i put back on, but i'm now back on it. I'm determined now to get back on it full force, i have a wedding im going to August bank-holiday and have the dress that i brought a few weeks ago and was soooo happy with it because it was 2-3 sizes smaller then i would of got last year and i feel really nice wearing it. video will be up soon for my week 17.
 Thank you for keeping me going and having faith in me with out everyone's support i may of kicked it in but now but love all my IG followers and YouTube subscribers i really love making all the videos so stay tuned for much more.

                                                         xxxxx Msleesha1xxxxx

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