Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Vlogging blogging and all that jazz

So with the new year here have lots of plans for my YouTube channels and my blog I really want to up writing on my blog, I think it will help me with my dyslexia(yep I have it if you didn't know, I'm not just lazy when it comes to spelling)

First is my main channel Msleehsa1 where I uplode hauls,make up looks,more hair, want to upload some fashion but with being a SAHM in in my pjs well 75% of the time and then the time to get really dressed up is hard but I will try for you guys 😉
Really want to do more mummy kiddie updates reviews and uploads, I've been tagged in a few kiddie tags so will get to them. 
There's my obvious weight loss journey with slimming world, yes I will be filming updates but I really get bored of them so if I get bored I'm sure you guys get bored of me rabbiting on about how many muller lights I ate and how many Syns I've had and oh she had magic oats again for breakfast etc etc!!
There will be more with ross when we come across tag or think of something (ori have enough Syns to have some wine!!!)!
Will really do any videos you guys want to seen and I really want to invest in lights so I can film at night!!!
Second is my vlogging channel Msleeshas life I really don't know what to do weather to keep it or jus put everything on my main channel in still undecided between t Weill let you all know as soon as I do.

Thirdly  my blog,I'm really going to try my hardest this year to blog more. A  few nights ago I literally went to bed thinking about my blog and all I did was dream about it and amazing blog post I want to write,I should of got up then and wrote a blog post but when u know your little monsters are going to wake you up at 6am sleep is precious! 

If all these fail you can always find me posting about my life on Instagram Twitter and my two Facebook pages (msleesha1 and msleeshas life)
I'm always here if you wish to contact me.
Hope everyone's New Years have started off amazingly and have lots of plans for this year. 

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