Saturday, 17 January 2015

Mummy and Amiirah play date

Unannounced and unexpected play dates with your little ones are always the best, while filming a video for my YouTube channel today ( 'what Amiirah got for Christmas and 1st birthday' Will be up soon and will be doing Romans as well) 
Amiirah decided she wanted to join in and once we finished we just played in her tent with her new toys she got for Christmas.
I think these beautiful shabby chic rag dolls are just the cutest things and defo something to be treasured and passed down.
Was  so nice to have some mummy daughter time (while Roman and Ross  had some daddy son time!) she had so much fun it wore her out,
So off to bed while mummy had a nice cup of green tea and waited for the boys to come in!  

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