Friday, 19 June 2015

Back to slimming world 100%

So I've been gone (again for a bit) from here, Instagram,YouTube and slimming world but I'm hoping to get my mojo back with it all!!! 
I've missed it and need to get back to get focused! 
I'm back on plan 100% and my 1st week back I lost 3lbs, was hoping for more as everyone does but it's a good loss, week 2 had started good, let's hope I can keep this up I would like to lose a stone if not more befor I go to a hen do the end of July! 
I will regularly try and update my weight loss on a Wednesday night after weight in or within the next few days after! 

Hope you have all been ok please go check me out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and obviously my blog please follow me on Bloglovin to keep up to date wit new blogs that go up! 

Speak too you all soon 
Love you 
Leesha xxx

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